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Whisky tasting

How do you sample whisky?

It is the art of enjoying whisky in good company. Single Malt is the kind of drink that needs to be quietly enjoyed in order to discover its special character. Every Single Malt has its own unique character and it is for this reason that we recommend 

always having a few different varieties to hand. For the maximum enjoyment of whisky:

Whiskey Glas Whisky Proeven bij de Heerenkamer

Step 1: The glass

For blended whiskies, a regular tumbler is sufficient. But for Single Malts, a cognac glass is required. The convex shape of the glass allows the flavour of the whisky to develop. Whisky colours vary from pale yellow to deep gold, depending on the variety and age.

Step 2: The temperature

Let the glass warm up in your hand for a moment as you gently swirl the whisky round the glass. Not a Charleston; more of an elegant waltz.

Step 3: The smell

Gently inhale the scent of the whisky. Sprinkle a few drops of mineral water into the glass to enhance the scent and flavour of the Single Malt. This causes the fragrance to blossom and ensures that your taste buds are not numbed by alcohol.

We do not recommend pouring a Single Malt over ice. But if you insist, use no more than one ice cube. Allow the complex nature to unfold for a moment before you inhale the scent again. Can you distinguish any particular fragrances?

Whiskey proeverij bij de Heerenkamer

Step 4: The flavour

Savour the taste as the first drop of whisky hits your tongue. You will experience a wide range of sensations between the first gentle caress and the long, lingering finish. Take the time to appreciate the drink; the whisky has been maturing for years. Every year in the cask should be a second on the tongue. The reward is simply greater enjoyment.

Does the taste linger or does it fade too quickly? Is it a light whisky, or does it have a strong presence? Taking the time to savour and experience your whisky allows you to fully appreciate the beverage in all its magnificence and glory.

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